Member Benefits

A Powerful Voice and Cost-Effective Resource for our Industry

Member Benefits

The Essential Minerals Association (EMA) is the representative voice of companies that extract and process a vital and beneficial group of raw minerals that are the essential ingredients for many of the products used in everyday life. Our companies and the people they employ are proud of their industry and the socially responsible methods they use to deliver these beneficial resources.


The association acts as the voice for the industry with all key stakeholders. Our leadership has established and cultivated key bipartisan relationships with decision-makers in the U.S. Congress and federal agencies to ensure membership is in a strong position to drive the narrative on the issue at hand. The association also acts as the industry voice to get in front of issues with the press and other stakeholders on issues impacting the operations and growth opportunities of our member companies.


The association holds two meetings throughout the year: an annual conference in the late spring and our meeting in Washington, DC every fall.  EMA membership is filled with potential contacts, clients, and partners who can help your company grow and optimize its business. Being an active member and attending these events helps you to maximize your ability to build long-term relationships and partnerships that are mutually beneficial. These meetings provide a forum for like-minded individuals to come together to share ideas, strengthen ties and make connections that would not be possible elsewhere.

Training and Education/Exchange of Ideas

EMA provides a terrific environment for continued professional development by allowing our members to send their employees to workshops and seminars throughout the year. The new ideas and education your employees bring back to their plants from these meetings allows your company to improve and grow as well. In an industry that relies on new technologies to be competitive, these sessions provide a great resource for your employees and company.

As members of our committees, there also is the opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and mentorship, as well as the sharing of tips from relationships created in attending the meetings and committee sessions.


As an EMA member you will be the first to receive news impacting your business and the industry at-large coming out of DC. The association staff regularly updates membership on key issues, via email updates as well as both individual and membership-wide teleconferences, allowing members to stay on top of recent developments.

Public Relations

EMA provides key public relation support on an industry-wide basis. These efforts allow the industry to proactively, and in some cases reactively, address issues of concern with interested parties, whether that be the government, public, or other interested stakeholders.

Discussion Papers

The association allows a venue for the member companies to come together to develop positions on key topics including discussion papers, fact sheets, infographics, and other materials to help to address key environmental and safety concerns specific to our industry. The sections also can sponsor scientific or third-party market research.

Legislative And Regulatory Priorities

EMA serves as an industry voice to monitor and proactively address key legislative and regulatory priorities on its behalf of its members at the federal, state, provincial levels. The legislative and regulatory environment is dynamic, and it is more important than ever for the industry to be unified in prioritizing and advocating on issues of importance. Through EMA, mineral sections  are afforded opportunities to highlight key issue areas and positions to assist in their advocacy efforts.

Issues are addressed at the Section level and more broadly in EMA’s primary committees: Communications Committee, Environmental Affairs Committee, Safety and Health Committee, Technical Committee, and Transportation Committee. The greatest value-add membership has seen is in the collaborative nature the EMA works to develop initiatives within our sections and committees. We have seen the greatest impact when we have critical masses of participation in each of our sections.