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Membership is open to essential mineral producers and companies that provide equipment and services to the industry. Our companies and the people they employ are proud of their industry and the socially responsible methods they use to deliver these beneficial resources.

Producer Members Producer Members are companies that extract and process raw minerals in North America that are the essential ingredients for many of the products used in everyday life. Membership is not restrictive to the list of current minerals represented by EMA. There’s a home at EMA for all essential minerals. Meet the Producers
Future Producer Members Future Producer members are startup companies engaged in the exploration and development of mineral extraction and processing, but not yet producing minerals and generating revenues. EMA offers Future Producers the same access and benefits as Producer Members (except eligibility to serve on our Board of Directors) for a reduced flat annual fee. Meet the Future Producers
Associate Members Associate Members provide goods and services to the industry. Associate members are classified in the following categories: manufacturers, service providers, law firms, and transportation. Meet the Associate Members
Affiliate Members Affiliate Members are companies that extract and process raw minerals outside of North America. EMA charges a flat rate fee for membership. Meet the Affiliate Mambers

Benefits of Membership

Membership at EMA means companies gain a powerful voice and cost-effective resources to advance the industry. From influence and federal access to public relations to networking and educational opportunities, EMA provides companies with the tools they need to advance.

Join EMA

If you’re interested in learning more about how membership in EMA can help your business, we’d love to talk! Please fill out this form, and our team will reach out.