We use minerals every day and in every facet of our lives.

Do you drive a car, ride a bus, train or airplane? Do you use electricity at home, at work in school? Do you work with tools, or in construction? Do you grow, prepare, and eat food? Do you brush your teeth when you get up? Or put on makeup?

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The utilization of our essential mineral resources is a smart way to capitalize on the natural geology of the earth. Essential minerals extraction processes are clean and efficient, and they avoid the negative aspects of many types of mining such as heavy chemical use and mountain-top removal.

Policy matters

EMA provides regular updates on legislation and policies impacting our industries. These reports include comments representing our member’s views on proposed regulations, testimony before congressional committees and federal and state agencies, and discussion papers.

The benefits of membership

The Essential Minerals Association (EMA) is the representative voice of companies that extract and process a vital and beneficial group of raw minerals that are the essential ingredients for many of the products used in everyday life. Our companies and the people they employ are proud of their industry and the socially responsible methods they use to deliver these beneficial resources.

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