Producer Members

Producer Members

3M, Industrial Mineral Product Division

St. Paul, Minnesota

3M has a rich history in manufacturing and mining and the Industrial Mineral Products Division is part of that heritage; producing quality granules for the roofing industry for over 85 years. Using 3M science in processing, coating, and adhesives technologies allows us to improve the performance and durability of our granules, giving manufacturers a better product that will stand the test of time.

Allegheny Mineral

Kittanning, Pennsylvania

Allegheny Mineral is western Pennsylvania’s largest limestone construction aggregate, calcium carbonate-based industrial mineral filler, and aglime producer. Founded in 1941, Allegheny Mineral remains a third-generation, privately owned, family-operated business with strong community roots and a focus on environmentally responsible aggregate mining. With 6 strategic locations employing 200 individuals, Allegheny Mineral enjoys a strong presence in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

American Gilsonite Company

Houston, Texas

American Gilsonite Company is the world’s only supplier of Gilsonite®, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin (uintaite). With a number of unique chemical properties and physical characteristics, Gilsonite improves the performance of many critical materials and applications. The strength, flexibility, extreme light weight and environmental safety of Gilsonite make it a superior additive for cementing and drilling fluids in the oilfield, as well as improving performance and quality in asphalt, inks, paints, stains, construction materials and foundry castings.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cargill produces salt that is used in food, agriculture, water softening and deicing.  Cargill has significant operations throughout Canada and the United States and have a strong presence globally as well.


Chatsworth, Georgia

Cimbar operates performance based talc additives production and mining sites in the United States, with additional operations in Mexico, China and Pakistan.

Compass Minerals 

Overland Park, Kansas

Compass Minerals is a leading global provider of essential minerals focused on safely delivering where and when it matters to help solve nature’s challenges for customers and communities. The company’s salt products help keep roadways safe during winter weather and are used in numerous other consumer, industrial, chemical and agricultural applications. Its plant nutrition products help improve the quality and yield of crops, while supporting sustainable agriculture. Additionally, the company is pursuing development of a sustainable lithium brine resource to support the North American battery market and is owner of Fortress North America, a next-generation fire retardant company. Compass Minerals operates 12 production and packaging facilities with nearly 2,000 employees throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K.


Independence, Ohio

Covia is a leading provider of high-quality, diversified specialty minerals and material solutions for the industrial and energy markets, delivered through a comprehensive and industry-leading distribution network.

Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC

Houston, Texas

Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC has sought a diversified market position to offer stability not only to the company but to its customers as well. Today, BPM provides Wyoming bentonite to the major end-use categories. These categories are Environmental/Construction, Pet Absorbents, Iron Ore Pelletizing and Oil Field Services. BPM is also committed to new markets, products, and technology.

Eastern Salt

Lowell, Massachusetts

Eastern Salt is a family owned and operated business that distributes quality road salt throughout the eastern United States.

Genesis Energy L.P.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Genesis Alkali operates a multi-faceted mining and production facility in Green River, Wyoming, supplying some of the best-known products used around the globe. They operate the world’s largest natural soda ash mine and production site, and strive to harness the latest technological innovations to better serve our customers.

Huber Specialty Minerals

Atlanta, Georgia

Huber Specialty Minerals is a global leader in industrial chemical manufacturing that continuously innovates and transforms to exceed client expectations and industry standards. There are many uses for calcium carbonates in industrial and commercial applications such as plastics, paints, adhesives, drilling fluids and paper. Exceptionally pure and versatile, all calcium carbonate products are backed by Huber’s commitment to reliability.


Roswell, Georgia

Imerys processes, enriches and combines a unique range of minerals, in many cases mined from its own deposits, to contribute essential functions to its customers’ products and processes.


Benwood, West Virginia

IMIFABI offers a wide range of high-quality products at competitive prices. IMI FABI’s operating network produces and distributes high quality industrial talc products; and provides a comprehensive and reliable service, doing business with a range of customers in different industries – including plastic, paper, paints and fillers, animal feed, building coatings, ceramics, pharmaceuticals and more.

Lhoist North America

Fort Worth, Texas

Lhoist North America is a major producer of lime, limestone, dolomite and clay products and related services for industrial, environmental and agricultural customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Magris Talc

Toronto, Ontario 

Magris Talc is the leading fully integrated North American Talc producer with a 100+ year operating history. Our products are used globally by leading, blue-chip organizations, to enhance performance in a variety of industrial applications in key markets including polymers, paints & coatings, pharmaceutical, building products and more.

Mississippi Lime

St. Louis, Missouri

Mississippi Lime is a world-class producer of calcium products including quicklime, hydrated lime, calcium carbonate and precipitated calcium carbonate. For over 100 years, Mississippi Lime has been producing products from one of the richest limestone reserves in the world and today supplies product throughout North America and the world from over twelve plants and terminals.

Morton Salt

Chicago, Illinois

Morton Salt, Inc., part of the K+S Group, is the trusted authority in salt in North America. Morton Salt produces salt for culinary, water softening, household and road deicing, food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, and numerous other industrial uses. The company has over 20 production facilities across the U.S., Canada and the Bahamas. 

Pete Lien & Sons, Inc.

Rapid City, South Dakota

Pete Lien and Sons produces sand and gravel, crushed stone, decorative rock, lime, calcium carbonate, and pre-cast and ready mix concrete.

Old Hickory Clay Company

Mayfield, Kentucky

The only private American-owned ball clay company. With more than 100 years of experience, customers can use Old Hickory’s clays and technical expertise to develop a unique lab-tested blend to solve customers’ unique problems. Old Hickory also owns and operates Gleason Clay Company in Kentucky.

Omya Inc.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Omya is a leading global producer of industrial minerals; mainly fillers and pigments derived from calcium carbonate and dolomite, and is a worldwide distributor of chemical products.

Searles Valley Minerals

Overland Park, Kansas

Using a unique, ecologically friendly process, Searles Valley Minerals processes brine solutions from Searles Lake to produce boric acid, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, several specialty forms of borax, and salt.


Charlotte, North Carolina

Sibelco is a global material solutions company. They utilise nature’s raw materials to provide solutions for society and support the cradle-to-cradle loop. From drinking water sanitation to solar technology, every day Sibelco’s materials work as essential components in the progress of society.

Sisecam Chemicals Resources LLC

Atlanta, Georgia

Sisecam Chemical Resources LLC has been producing and distributing high-quality, environmentally friendly natural soda ash around the world since 1962. Sisecam is a dependable supplier with high production capacity, top-notch product quality and an expansive marketing network. Quality control is maintained through detailed instrumentation, laboratory testing, and rigid supervision. Our industry experience, knowledgeable staff, modern laboratories, ISO 9001 & ISO14001 certifications and highly efficient processing facilities combine to supply Sisecam customers with superior service and support.

Solvay Chemical

Houston, Texas

Solvay Chemicals, Inc. and Solvay Fluorides, LLC, are part of the Solvay Group, the leading global producer of hydrogen peroxide, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium percarbonate, and are established in markets ranging from alternative energy, automotive, pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper and many others.

Specialty Minerals, Inc.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Minerals Technologies Inc. is a global supplier of PCC (precipitated calcium carbonate), GCC (ground calcium carbonate), talc and refractories, and serves the paper, plastics, steel, personal care, construction, glass, sealants and paint markets. 

Tata Chemical North America

Sandy, Utah

Tata Chemicals North America Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of natural soda ash from its Green River, WY manufacturing operation and is owned by Tata Chemicals Ltd, which is the world’s second largest soda ash producer.

United Salt

Houston, Texas

United Salt has been a leading salt producer since 1928. United Salt produces its salt for a number of industries, including: road and deicing salt, agricultural salt, food grade salts, water softening salts, industrial salts, and sea & land salts.

Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC.

Norwalk, Connecticut

The R.T. Vanderbilt Company is a family owned and operated mineral and chemical production company specializing in unique minerals such as wollastonite, pyrophyllite, kaolin and smectite clays in addition to dispersing agents and processing aids for the adhesive, ceramic, paint, paper, rubber, plastics, personal care, petroleum, and household product industries. 

Wyo-Ben, Inc.

Billings, Montana

Wyo-Ben is a privately held company headquartered in Billings, Montana, USA, with three bentonite processing facilities located in the Big Horn Basin region of North Central Wyoming and South-Central Montana. Wyo-Ben’s mission is to provide the highest quality mineral-based technology solutions, with the highest level of service excellence to our customers; to provide opportunities for our associates and enhance the success of our organization; to add to the vitality of our community; to be responsible stewards of our environment.

Diatomite Section

The sole member of the Diatomite Section is the International Diatomite Producers Association. Learn more:

The members of IDPA are:


Belgium, France

Chemviron is an international manufacturer of activated carbon, carbon filters, and purification systems, with applications including drinking water treatment, air purification, and sugar decolouring or purification.

Dicalite Minerals Corp.

Bala Cynwyd, Pennslyvania

Dicalite Management Group is an international industrial minerals company with a unique multi-mineral platform including perlite, vermiculite, and diatomaceous earth, represented across three brands: Dicalite, Dicaperl, and Specialty Vermiculite. These processed minerals are used in wide variety of applications, and people are often only a few feet from a product created, enhanced, or treated by one of them.

Imerys Filtration Minerals, Inc.

Roswell, Georgia

Imerys Filtration operations produce products for a wide range of applications in filtration, and in other applications such as agriculture, cryogenic insulation, personal care, mechanical insecticides, paints and coatings, and more.

Showa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan

Showa Chemical’s leadership in the Japanese diatomite and perlite markets was built through continuous improvement of their technology, so as to enhance product performance and quality. Their efforts have allowed them to establish a reputation for reliability in products that are vital in a wide range of applications from food and drink processing to chemical manufacturing, pool-water treatment, pharmaceuticals, and wastewater treatment.