About EMA

WHY ESSENTIAL MINERALS ASSOCIATION? Every sector of industry relies on a variety of industrial minerals to generate their end products, making a stable and reliable supply chain critical for the continued growth and success of our economy. We ensure the companies that mine and process these essential minerals have their voices and stories heard by elected officials and leaders here in North America.

Welcome to the Essential Minerals Association

Our Mission:

To expand opportunities for essential minerals and their end-use products.

We do this through advocacy, education, research, and partnerships.

Our Purpose:

The Essential Minerals Association (EMA) represents the interests of companies that mine or process minerals that are critical to manufacturing, energy, agriculture, infrastructure, transportation, and technology industries. Based in Arlington, Virginia, EMA ensures that the voices of its member companies and the socio-economic benefits they provide – from mining to end-use products – are heard by government leaders as well as the general public.

EMA is the representative voice of companies that extract and process a vital and beneficial group of raw minerals that are the essential ingredients for many of the products used in everyday life. Our companies and the people they employ are proud of their industry and the socially responsible methods they use to deliver these beneficial resources.

The products made possible by essential minerals are critical to the global economy. End uses for these minerals are used in energy production and storage, transportation, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, agriculture and ranching, ceramic and glass, and sports and recreation. In fact, if you look around, virtually everything you see or use is made possible by the essential minerals produced by our membership.

Membership is open to essential mineral producers and companies that provide equipment and services to the industry. EMA operates through a board of directors augmented by standing committees and task forces. Association meetings are held twice a year and the meetings of committees and task forces take place as needed throughout the year.

Our focus is on proposed legislation and regulations, economic trends, and other issues that affect the essential minerals industry at large. Concurrent with these efforts, the association has distinct mineral sections to address the specific needs of our members. 

Mineral Sections

  • Clays Section
  • Battery and Green Energy Minerals Section
  • Bentonite/Barite Section
  • Calcium Carbonate Section
  • Diatomite/Perlite Section
  • Feldspar Section
  • Salt Section
  • Soda Ash Section
  • Talc/Wollastonite Section
  • Other Essential Minerals Section